Javanaut Studios 


Established in 2018,¬† Javanaut Studios was created by a small group of friends to solve the software needs of our team members and surrounding friend group. As we’ve expanded our development team, our passion for helping people develop new applications and aid them in their daily lives has grown as well. Whether you are looking to build a new project, website, or give your existing project a remodel, we are here to assist you in any of your development needs!


App Development

At Javanaut, we specialize in working directly with our customers to ensure that the final product is tailored exactly to their needs. Whether your project is a multifaceted point-of-sale with both web and desktop access, or you just need a Discord bot to talk to,  Javanaut has the experience and capabilities to bring your idea to life.

Discord Bot Development

Our experience in development had led to our latest addition in our software services: Discord bots! Working closely with you, we can give life to your server or bot project. Check out our Discord bot wall to see some examples of past projects.

Webapp Development

Do you or your company need a web based application? Javanaut is the answer. Our team has the experience and dedication to bring your project from an idea to reality. Click below to take the first step in getting your project online.

Desktop Applications

With both WPF and UWP capabilities, Javanaut can create any custom Windows application you or your company needs. From stand-alone applications to multifaceted systems, we do it all. Contact us today to turn your project from idea to a reality.


We are always here to help with any issues

Through our support ticket system we will be able to assist you with any issues you may have on any of our system within one business day. Looking for a quicker response time? Join our discord and chat with a developer in our support server!