WordPress Website Maintenance


Along with our website development packages we also offer the ability to make your website worry free with two maintenance packages! Whether you are looking for a fully hands-off approach with the ability to add more to your website at any time, or a more simple package to keep your site up and running smoothly, we have the package for you.    


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Plugins included?

Premium plugins are not included with any Javanaut Studios WordPress website build. The majority of site builds are able to utilize the vast amount of free plug-ins that WordPress has to offer. If you would like to have a premium plugin for your site, it’s cost will be added to your invoice.

Am I able to transfer my domain to another service after I begin the Javanaut WordPress Hosting Package?

Yes you can! Here at Javanaut, we believe you should have the power to port your website in or out to whichever provider you wish; whether that be us or another provider. Its your website, your choice!

What are your Development Fees if i exceed the development time alotted to each of the maintenance packages?

What are your development fees if I exceed the development time allotted to each of the maintenance packages?

Do I have to upgrade to the next build package if my site is only a few pages larger than the included amount?

No you do not! If you are only a few pages more than included amount, we can custom price the extra pages for eligible projects.