Javanaut Trade Bot 



Price Calling

Quickly call pricing for stocks, ETF’s, and cryptocurrencies in a fraction of a second.

Server Watchlists

Want to keep track of certain sectors of the market for all your members? With our tracker you can add tickers, see weekly average and total percent gains with our custom watchlist recap command, and even create multiple watchlists!

Server Channel Alerts

Allow your server members to stay up to date with any price swing your admins deem important with server alerts! Our bot will keep checking the price for you and send an @here when the price you specify is triggered.

Personal Alerts

With our alert system you can also allow your members to set their own personal alerts to be sent directly to their inbox instead of pinging everyone in the server.


Want to know more fundamental information related to the ticker you are searching? Our information command can show you in-depth information such as market cap, total volume, supply, public interest, and more!




Ticker Subscriptions

Ticker subscriptions ensure that you never miss a price swing. With the Ticker Watcher Bots, always stay up to date with current prices and daily gains. Plus, when you are subscribed to a ticker, you can set both personal and server wide price change alerts make certain that you or your server don’t miss a crucial trade.